by Sierra Farrier Service


Each knife is handmade by Elisha Brown in College Station , TX. Elisha runs a farrier business and makes each knife to order. Each knife is designed to the customer's specifications to be one of a kind.  The knives are softened in the forge to allow easy working, then hardened in oil and tempered once the knife has been forged or ground to shape. 


Knives are made from recycled farrier's rasps, a high carbon steel equivalent to 1095 steel. Rasps have an optimum carbon content for knives, allowing a proper hardness to hold an excellent edge. Other steels may be used if the customer wishes. 

Handles may be made from any material that you can dream up. Popular options include African Blackwood, Purple Heart, and Stabilized Burl Wood. Handle materials are ordered through:                                                     and    


Custom knife prices include a knife and a custom sheath by Sierra Nevada Leather. Price varies with each order depending on the style and size of knife. Contact Elisha at the email below for a quote.  


Inquiries may be sent through the contact page of this site, or Elisha may be contacted directly at

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